About us


To engage the world through sound and music through our experience, industry knowledge and professionalism.


Taking a fresh approach to touring and events into Australasia and beyond utilizing a combination of first class international talent and sound business acumen services.


International network of well connected industry professionals who deliver with professionalism and proficiency.


The best talent roster available no act is inaccessible no job too small no task too big. Supplying the demand above and beyond.


Building long term partnerships with like minded business associates we have long term objectives and goals which we can achieve with a strong team.


Being highly effective driven, creative,innovative and dynamic staying ahead of the game by leading the way.


Dover Management Services is a full service booking agency that works as talent buyers, bookers, brokers celebrity agents with fully integrated facets that can cover production, marketing, press, sponsorship, PR and branded events.

We also work in areas of sport management, talent management and music management too ask is what we don't do.

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With an industry knowledge and contacts based on twenty years of experience covering four continents. We are exactly why it should be us we are innovative thinking outside the box and bringing the A game every time multi faceted into our approach there is nothing we cannot do or deliver on. We thrive in this environment our finger is on the pulse and trailblazing added in with our professionalism and will to win and please our clients we firmly believe in who's coming second as first place is taken.

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Talent Management

Dover MGMT can help you further your profile here in Australia. With our extensive network we can offer you ways to help break into the Australian and New Zealand markets. We are currently representing sporting and musical talent from here and overseas. We can also facilitate you in taking your talents overseas again with our network of contacts in the United Kingdom we offer platform to go global.

  • Management
  • Sponsorships, endorsements
  • Public speaking
  • Motivational and team building
  • Public appearances
  • In store promotions
Music Management

Dover MGMT can help further your musical career with our network contacts in Australia and overseas.

  • Management
  • Negotiation contractual advice
  • Song placement
  • Commissions
  • Publishing
  • Consultancy
  • Artist and repertoire (A+R)
Events Management

Dover MGMT is well placed to help you create an event to promote your business interests. We can provide performing artists from DJs to Models and provide the services you need to help create a memorable event.

  • Event management
  • Celebrity djs and vjs
  • Performers (dancers, Mcs etc)
  • Hosts, Ambassadors
  • Launch parties, Fashion shows
  • Catering
  • Collaborations
Tour Management

Dover management have a widespread network of music contacts throughout the world. We work within the capacity as tour facilitators therefore we can work as a booking agent or as a third party. With most acts we have direct contacts to Artists and Management and because of our great business relationships with these Acts, management etc we get deals faster and within budget.

  • Tours
  • Booking Agents
  • Brand Association
  • Tour/Road Management
  • Venues
  • Production
  • Sponsorship
  • Promotion

Our Team

Michael Dover