Alston Koch

Singer, songwriter and producer
  • Alston Koch
  • Singer Songwriter

Alston Koch began his professional career in Australia with DARK TAN in 1975. He received his first Gold Disc with DISCO LADY in 1977 and continuously toured the continent to 'Full Houses' until 1980 when he launched his solo career by signing up with RCA Records. Alston toured the World to promote his International releases, writing songs for some of the best publishers in the U.K, with records and songs released in Europe, Scandinavia and Australasia. Back in Australia in 1986 he was selected by the Australian Task Force to write & perform the album for the AMERICA'S CUP and was a part of the America's CUP DEFENCE TEAM in Perth in 1986 for the 'KOOKABURRA' Yacht and its defense of the America's Cup. Alston performed the song 'KOOKABURRA' on all the International talk back Television shows including CNN & BBC, MTV Worldwide.

As an International recording & performing artist he has appeared in concerts around the World including London, Copenhagen, Dubai, India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, New Zealand & Australia to name a few. Dave Most/Mickie Most (U.K.) legends in the British Pop scene, TONY MYATT (Capitol Radio) Glenn A Baker (Rock Historian) Matt White (Daily Mirror) Ben Mitchell (PEOPLE MAGAZINE) CHRISTIE ELIEZIAR (Music & Media) are just few of the World's music critics that have applauded his talent.